More About Me

Juan Velez is a seasoned professional with over nine years of experience in customer service, sales, and real estate. Born in Puerto Rico, Juan moved to New York City at the age of eight and began his career in Corporate America in 1999 at Chase Manhattan Bank. Through his exceptional talent, dedication, and determination, he quickly rose through the ranks, obtaining a supervisory position across multiple locations within a year.

During his tenure at Chase, Juan honed his customer service and problem-solving skills, allowing him to grow and prosper. In 2008, he joined Tiffany & Co., where he further developed his business and sales acumen. The skills and tools he acquired in Corporate America enabled him to excel in residential and commercial real estate, leading him to join the PantigaGroup, Inc. in 2015.

In October 2022, Juan pursued a new path in commercial real estate, partnering with the Gilco Group, a firm specializing in commercial real estate. This move allowed him to strengthen his knowledge and expertise in the field. In 2023, Juan relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he joined Coldwell Banker Realty's Tom Taglieri team, focusing on residential real estate.

Juan quickly established himself as a top performer, closing deals and building a successful business. His dedication to helping clients achieve their goals has earned him a reputation as a trusted and skilled real estate professional.